When investing money into a machine to maintain your floors you want to be sure you are purchasing something that will last.  Quality parts and well thought out construction are key to a long lasting machine.  For those that have not already read Part 1 I have already discussed how the accessibility of workable parts can lower the cost of service calls for your machine.  This guide applies to all brands of Automatic scrubbing machines, floor cleaning machines, carpet cleaners, sweepers.  These floor cleaning machines will leave all floor types clean and virtually dry with one pass.  This is part 2 of a 7 part series about what to look for in a floor cleaning machine (autoscrubber).

1.  Frame & Wheels

Does the autoscrubber or sweeper have a frame on which the tank and wheels are mounted?  Some machines have the wheels mounted into the plastic body of the machine which creates savings on the front end of ownership, but can be costly should the wheel break the plastic housing and necessitate replacing the tank (if a replacement is available).

Frame and Wheels on a Tomcat machine

Frame and Wheels on a Tomcat machine

2.  Manufacturing & Design Quality – Hardware & Components.

A. What type of fasteners is used, all stainless or zinc-plated steel?  Stainless resists rusting and corrosion assuring long life and serviceability; the ability to remove and replace a component without expending hours of labor.

B.  Are components named brand, first quality or private-label import.  Name brand components add to the price of a machine but have better windings, bearings and are more dependable and durable than off-brand.  Switches, are they individually replaceable, or do they require replacing a complete panel?

C.  Wiring:  Does wiring conform to MIL Spec. requirement, or lower standards that create a service tech’s worst nightmare – An Intermittent failure and a Labor Hour Love-fest!

D.  Painted surfaces.  What type of paint and how is it applied, mere spray enamel, or a 7-Step Powder Coat Catalytic process that resists corrosion from exposure to chemicals and maintains the new appearance of the machine.

3.  Ergonomic Design.

Is the machine easy to steer relative to its weight and mass or cumbersome?  Does the control system and handle promote operator comfort and minimize fatigue?  Can the handle be adjusted?  Is the handle durable or is it made of light tubing which can bend or break?  Are the control features intuitive and easy to master for a new operator?   Are the controls labeled with icon-style graphics?  Is clean out  a daily requirement of any scrubber, easy to accomplish to a high standard?  (See #2 above)

Nobles adjustable handle height

The Nobles Speed Scrub has an adjustable handle

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