Part 4 of Keep Cleans 7 part installment about auto scrubbers.  This is your complete guide to making informed decisions about purchasing ride on, walk behind, autoscrubbers, floor machines, carpet cleaners, sweepers and other floor cleaning machines.  Keep Clean Products is a great friendly resource located in the Los Angeles area.

1. Pad Pressure

How much pad pressure does the machine exert?  Cleaning efficiency is a function of brush rpm’s, pad pressure and chemical efficacy.  Only so much can be achieved with rpm’s, as at high rpm’s the cleaner is thrown beyond the brush.  Typical rpm’s are between 150 and 350 rpm’s.  Pad pressure can be adjustable or fixed, depending on the machine.  Some machines have a spring-loaded foot pedal to lower the brush head, yielding only one (or at most 2) pad pressure settings, while others have an actuator which provides pad pressure variability to address more cleaning situations!  Actuators add to the price of the machine but provide better cleaning results.

2. Vacuum Water Lift

Vacuum water lift.  How strong is the vacuum motor?  A weaker vacuum motor will not have the lift to fully remove water through the squeegee.  70″ of water lift is a benchmark measurement.

3. Sound Levels

Sound levels.  Is the vacuum motor baffled or configured to minimize noise?  What is the noise level at the operator’s position?  Sound levels from the machine will affect your ability to run the machine during business hours.  The Nobles Speed Scrub 3 for example is whisper quiet at 68.5 dBA.  See below video for more information.