Part 6 of 7: Before buying a floor machine you should know what options will be best for your type of facility. What is better disk brush or cylindrical? – It depends on what you type of surface you want clean.  If your facility has a lot of debris on the floor you might prefer the cylindrical brush because it will sweep debris as it cleans.  Disk machines will pick up dust but the floor must be free from screws, string, staples and other items before running the machine.  If you have a LEED Certified facility there is even a new type of brush that can even earn LEED credits.

1. Type of brush – Disc vs. Cylindrical and EDGE

Cylindrical vs. Disk Brushes

Type of brush system, disk or cylindrical?  Pad type brushes clean floors; however debris is either swept to the side or allowed to pass through to the squeegee, where it is either sucked up through the vacuum hose, or gets stuck in the squeegee causing it to streak.  A cylindrical brush system sweeps and scrubs in one pass, throwing debris into a hopper before it can get to the squeegee at the rear of the machine.

There is a third brush option for your floor cleaning machines.  EDGE technology: These are square brushes that allow you to clean in corners that disk and cylindrical machines cannot reach.  EDGE machines are versatile enough for day to day cleaning with a red or white pad but can also be used to strip floors.  EDGE can strip floors without using chemicals. EDGE machines also use 70{29497a36df11100784819e924e8b66b0f25d418a900623423f96b54872417f20} water and detergents which can help your facility earn LEED credits.

2. Cleaning path and machine size

Cleaning path and machine size.  How wide is the cleaning path of the machine?  The cleaning path is dictated by how large an area is to be cleaned, mitigated by “tight” spaces.  A 20″ machine with 17 gallon solution/recovery tank is a good solution for cleaning hallways and tighter areas that require the operator to maneuver around machines and through doorways.  Larger open areas dictate larger machines with 29” – 34” cleaning paths to optimize labor savings.

3. Options Available

EDGE strips floors without using chemicals

What options are available for the machine?  Does it just scrub and pick up solution.  Can options be added at a later date to add more flexibility to cleaning “tighter” areas that can’t be accessed by the machine? Nobles offers many innovative options for their machines:

ech2o available on Nobles machines:

ech2o is a low cost solution to cleaning floors without using chemicals. The two step process first oxygenates the water then sends an electric current through the water.  The acidic and alkaline solution is a powerful cleaning agent for grabbing dirt and soils and suspending them on the floor for the brushes and squeegee to pick them up.  After 45 seconds the electrically charged solution turns back into water.  This effective technology can help earn your facility LEED credits.

FaST available on Nobles machines:

FaST stands for “Foam activated Scrubbing Technology.”  This innovation can clean your floor using 90{29497a36df11100784819e924e8b66b0f25d418a900623423f96b54872417f20} less chemicals and 70{29497a36df11100784819e924e8b66b0f25d418a900623423f96b54872417f20} less water.  Machines with FaST technology mix water and chemicals then automatically injects air in order to increase the effectiveness of the solution.  There are many FaST chemicals available, including Green Seal Certified cleaners, and cleaners that are certified by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute).  These chemicals will increase traction on your floor, reducing the number of slip and fall accidents.  Watch this video that gives more information about both FaST and ech20 technology


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