Part 7 of 7: Before buying a floor machine you should inquire about service and parts availability.  This guide will briefly explain what to look for in the warranty. To view the entire buying guide on one page please visit this page 

1.  Service and Support.

What is parts availability?  Does the dealer stock parts, in the least wear parts?  Wear parts include: Squeegee rubbers, tires, vacuum hoses, vacuum motors, and switches?  Does the selling dealer maintain a Service Department?  Is the machine made in the U.S. or is it Italian, or Chinese machine “branded” by an American manufacturer?  Many companies sell machines but do not service the machine themselves, instead relying on the manufacturer to service them.  If you are ready to buy make sure you ask about service and warranty.  At the very least 1 year parts and labor.  Nobles by Tennant has the best warranty in the industry: 3 years parts and 3 years labor.  All warranties exclude wear parts.

– If you buy a machine through Keep Clean we will train your operators and then revisit the machine after 1 week of use to make sure they are maintaining it properly.  Within the first 30 days we also will do a free Preventative Maintenance or “PM” service to ensure your new investment will last.  Keep Clean services all the machines that we sell and we always have wear parts in stock.



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