The difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting

This post is intended to clarify the differences between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.  You might think "sanitizing" a surface would kill the flu virus but you could be in for a flu-like surprise... The Food Service industry uses color coding to distinguish between sanitizing & cleaning pails. Prevents cross contamination & makes hygiene easy! [...]

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Trash Can Liner Guide

This guide is meant to educate consumers on two types of popular can liners: High Density Can Liners and Low Density Can Liners.  We will go over the differences and help you select the best can liner for your application. Thank you for reading! Getting Started If you’re new to the janitorial and sanitation industry, [...]

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KCP in the Press!

Maintenance Sales News Keep Clean Cover Story Keep Clean Products is proud to be featured in the cover story of the March/April 2014 edition of Maintenance Sales News!  Please follow the link below to read the article online. Cover story starts on page 6: Read the Article here!     

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Disposable Gloves Guide

Vinyl vs. Nitrile vs. Latex Gloves   Vinyl: Most affordable disposable glove. Trusted by food service applications. Appropriate for use near heat source. ✘  Tear easily and loose fitting.   Nitrile: Most resistant to punctures and tears. Splits when punctured – allows immediate awareness to potential biohazard contamination. Chemical resistant – Used by [...]

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Paper Towel Dispenser Review

Paper Towel Dispenser Types: Dispenser Reviews What type of paper towel dispenser is the best? What type of paper towel dispenser will save money? Is it possible to reduce waste with a paper towel dispenser? - The short answer to these questions is a Controlled Output Roll Towel Dispenser, but finding the best dispenser for [...]

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About Keep Clean Products – How we can help your business

Keep Clean Products is a distributor of janitorial supplies and other facilities maintenance equipment.  We serve all of the Los Angeles area and are specialists when it comes to cleaning.   Below is a list of why you should choose Keep Clean for your Jan-San needs! Keep Clean Products sells quality janitorial products at wholesale [...]

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Autoscrubber Guide – Part I – Accessibility

AUTOSCRUBBER BUYING GUIDE This guide is meant to help consumers make informed decisions about buying ride on, walk behind, auto scrubbers (also spelled autoscrubbers), floor machines, carpet cleaners, sweepers and other floor cleaning machines. These machines can clean tile, concrete, hardwood, carpet, linoleum  vinyl floor, rubber floor, ceramic tile and virtually all surfaces.  One autoscrubber will [...]

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