Floor Machines – Buffers, Scrubber and Strippers

Low Speed and Dual Speed Floor Machines are great for stripping and cleaning jobs.

Are you looking for high speed floor machines or burnishers? Burnishers create a high gloss or high shine “wet” look.  CLICK HERE

Floor Machine, Floor Machines, floor buffer, swing machine, side by side

Hawk Single Speed Floor Machine

17″ or 20″   1.5 HP  / 175RPM

Realize maximum power with the twin capacitor, AC motor and Hawk’s ruggedly reliable floor machine design! Machine operators will appreciate the solid performance of these extremely well-built floor machines that deliver on every job they tackle. Hawk machines have unsurpassed durability and performance making them a top choice for floor cleaning challenges.

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Floor machine, floor buffer, swing machine, side by side, Hawk

Hawk 2 Speed Floor Machine

17″ or 20″ 1.5 HP.  175 RPM/320 RPM

2-speed floor machines perform heavy duty scrubbing and stripping at the standard 175 RPM speed. By flipping a convenient switch you can use the same machine to get a better polish or bonnet cleaning carpets at 320 RPM.  Double your productivity potential with a 2-speed floor machines.

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Floor machine, floor buffer, swing machine, side by side, Hawk

Hawk Brute Severe Duty Floor Machine

13″, 15″, 17″ or 20″ 1.5 HP.  185 RPM.

The Brute is quite simply the most heavy duty floor machine on the market.  Whether you’re dealing with dust, moisture, chemicals, sanding, or stone & concrete work, you can have confidence the Brute will have enough force to get the job done without causing damage to itself.  The Brute has options to add more weights.  The totally enclosed fan cooled motor and virtually indestructible gearbox will not quit – no matter what you throw at it.

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Nobles Floor Machines

17″ or 20″ Single Speed (175RPM) or Dual Speed (185RPM/330RPM)

FM-17-SS, FM-20-SS, FM-17-DS, FM-20-DS

Nobles built durable floor machines are proven tools for polishing, scrubbing and stripping most hard floor surfaces.  Durable construction from corrosion-proof polyethylene.

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EDGE Orbital

Floor Machine, Orbital, Oscillating, Tomcat EDGE, Better than Clarke Boost

Tomcat EDGE Series Floor Machines

14″x20″ Oscillating Surface Prep Machine. 

Whether you’re removing floor finish, sanding wood, or polishing marble, the Tomcat EDGE Stick Machine is the ultimate surface preparation tool.  The rectangular scrub head reaches into corners with perfect precision and the high powered motor is capable of removing layers of floor finish without the use of harsh chemical stripper.

Orbital Floor Machines “oscillate” or scrub in every direction at high RPMs (ST: 1725RPM. HD:3450 RPM.  DC: 2900 RPM).  Tomcat EDGE machine offers huge productivity savings.

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