Upright Vacuum

Commercial Upright Vacuum Category

Upright Vacuums are the most popular style today.  Uprights employ a combination of vacuum and sweeping power using a fan and beater brush.

Canister Vacuum

Sanitaire Canister Vacuum Category

With dozens of cleaning attachments for every task Canister Vacuums are extremely versatile.  The cleaning head can easily reach under furniture and on top of book cases while the rest of the vacuum housing remains at your feet (or at your side with shoulder strap).  Canister vacuums are flexible, maneuverable and configurable for almost any home, apartment or business.

Backpack Vacuum

Backpack Vacuum Category

If mobility and operator comfort are major considerations, backpack vacuums are a great choice. With a variety of tools and attachments they allow you to clean any surface without compromising your posture.  Backpack Vacuums are becoming more popular with building maintenance workers because of the gains in productivity.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Wet/Dry Vacuum Category

Any vacuum can pick up dust, but it takes a Wet/Dry Vacuum to handle liquids and spills. Front mounted squeegee capabilities make strip and reseal jobs exponentially easier and an assortment of tools make these vacuums highly utilitarian.

Portable Sweeper

Portable Sweeper Category

Sweepers are great tools for almost anyone.  Pick up dirt, dust, hair, crumbs and even staples from carpet or hard floors effortlessly.  Great for restaurants, homes, offices and RV’s.