High Speed Burnishers

High speed burnishers are the tool of choice for creating high-gloss, polished shine on smooth floors.  Burnishers have pad speeds between 1400 – 3000 RPM.

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Hawk High Speed Burnisher

17″ or 20″   1.5 HP  / 1500 RPM or 1800 RPM or 2,000 RPM

Hawk manufactures super-quiet, high-speed burnishers available in both 17″ and 20″ configurations.  Various configurations include optional dust control and pad speeds of: 1500, 1800, or 2000 rpm.  Remarkably easy to handle, these burnishers can bring that prized “wet-look” to your VCT or other polished floors.

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Nobles 1600 High Speed Burnisher

20″ / 510 mm 1600 RPM Burnisher

Durable design and excellent performance bring out a high shine in a variety of floor finishes.

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Nobles Burnisher with Dust Control

Nobles BR-2000-DC
20″ 2000 RPM High Speed Burnisher with Dust Control

Ultra high-speed burnishing with outstanding results.  The BR-2000-DC delivers consistent results on uneven floors with free-floating head.  Create a polished “wet-look” without dust! 99.9{29497a36df11100784819e924e8b66b0f25d418a900623423f96b54872417f20} efficiency at 0.3 microns with built in dust collection.

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Nobles Speed Gleam 5

20″ Battery Walk Behind Burnisher

The Nobles SpeedGleam 5 Battery Walk-Behind burnishers deliver high performance propane-like gloss results, without the propane exhaust fumes.  Ultra quiet, passive dust control, high gloss results and easy to change floor pad.

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Nobles Speed Gleam 7

27″ Battery Walk Behind Burnisher

The Nobles SpeedGleam 7 Battery Walk-Behind burnishers deliver high performance propane-like gloss results, without the propane exhaust fumes.  Options include active HEPA or passive dust control.  Quiet operation and simple pad replacement in an ultra productive 27″ size!

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Tomcat 200 / 270 Battery Burnisher

20″ or 27″ Walk Behind Battery Burnisher

The 200 or 270 ultra high-speed battery burnisher is a great alternative to a traditional propane burnisher without sacrificing performance.  Tomcat battery burnishers feature tough construction, super performance and compact size are perfect for use in: schools, hospitals, malls, grocery stores warehouses and more!

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Nobles Speed Gleam Rider

24″ or 27″ Compact Riding Burnisher 

The Nobles SpeedGleam Rider is simple, safe and effective.  Productive enough for large facilities but still small enough to maneuver through tight spaces.  The SpeedGleam Rider is the perfect machine for facilities that require regular polishing!

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Tomcat 255 Ride On Battery Burnisher

27″ Ultra High Speed Battery Burnisher

The Tomcat 255 ride-on unit brings comfort and control to an otherwise tedious task.  Like all battery burnishers, the 255 is quiet, fume-free and can eliminate problems associated with propane equipment.  Dust control is standard, and the machine can be outfit to run over 4 hours on a single charge.

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Surtec 27″ Propane Buffer

High Speed Moving Buffer 1,800 – 2,000 RPM

Time proven reliability. Smooth operation and 360 degree floating pad assembly provides full contact between the floor and buffing pad to achieve maximum buffing efficiency and superior results.

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