Timbucktoo Rhino RH 2500

Locally built by TMI. Dependable and Powerful Box Extractor.  

Incredible suction power!  Easy to use!  We rent this machine and it is always available for purchase at our warehouse.


Rhino 2500 Specs
Vacuum (2)2 stage vacuum motors
Pump 100 PSI Pump Standard
Recovery 17 gallon tank
Solution 13 gallon tank
Power: 25′ cord.
Amperage: 120 V / 750W
Wand 12″ Single Jet, Auto-Seal with grip handle
Weight ~60lbs

Windsor Presto Mini Extractor

Portable Spotter, perfect for pet owners or car upholstery!

Accommodates a variety of uses with its small size and portability.  Includes push cart for convenient transportation with chemical storage rack and cord wrap location.

  • 2 gallon solution tank
  • 2 gallon recovery tank
  • 2 stage, 1.16 horsepower vacuum motor
  • 85” Waterlift
  • 55 PSI pump
  • Acommodates nearly all tools for a variety of uses and surfaces
  • Translucent recovery tank allows easy monitoring of water level
  • 1 latch removable tank for easy dumping
  • Portable! Only 19”x10”x16.5”
  • Includes a push cart for increased mobility and storage of chemicals/accessories
  • Includes 5.5” Hand Tool

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