Used & Rental Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers

Browse our selection of pre-owned, reconditioned and used walk behind battery floor scrubbers below!  All the machines listed are available for rent or for purchase.  All rentals have a purchase option if you want. Keep Clean services & provides a warranty for all used equipment that we sell.

Tomcat Magnum, Automatic Floor Scrubber, Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Drier, refurbished floor scrubber

Tomcat Magnum 34″ Disk Brush

Large Battery Walk Behind Scrubber

  • 30 gallon solution / 30 gallon recovery tanks
  • 34″ Cleaning Path – two 17″ Disk Brushes or Pad Drivers

Large 30 gallon solution / 30 gallon recovery tanks and extra wide 34″ cleaning path (2×17″ disk brushes or pad drivers) make this machine ideal for cleaning large floors quickly and effectively.  Refurbished with new batteries, hoses, squeegees, brushes and gaskets.  HD Option increases brush RPM and adds protective steel “jaws” to protect the spinning brushes.

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Used Tennant T300, T300e, S300, T3, S3, Speed Scrub, floor scrubber drier, walk behind floor scrubber,

Tennant T300e – 20″ Disk Brush

Small Battery Walk Behind Scrubber

  • 11 gallon solution / 14 gallon recovery tanks
  • 20″ Cleaning Path – One 20″ Pad Driver
  • 2x12V, 130AH batteries
  • Automatic OnBoard charger
  • Hour meter w/Low hours!
  • 3 available!

The T300e is an excellent choice for cleaning a variety of hard floor options including: Concrete, VCT, polished stone, terrazo, sports flooring and more!  With a hygenic 14 gallon recovery tank and 20″ cleaning path the T300e is great for narrow aisles and small to mid-sized facilities.  Keep Clean carries a variety of pads and brushes for virtually any hard surface! Refurbished with new hoses, squeegees, and batteries.

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Used Tennant 5680, reconditioned 5680, floor scrubber drier, walk behind floor scrubber,

Tennant 5680 – 32″ Disk Brush

Large Battery Walk Behind Scrubber

Iconic in the JanSan industry the 5680 sports a 30 gallon solution and 40 gallon recovery tank and is a productivity monster.  With a 36 Volt battery system and 32″ scrub deck this machine is sure to make the dirt in the far corner of your warehouse quiver in fear.

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Tomcat Magnum Cylindrical Brush, refurbished, floor scrubber, automatic floor scrubber drier

Tomcat Magnum 27″ Cylindrical Brush

Large Walk Behind Scrubber with great manueverability

  • 30 gallon solution tank / 30 gallon recovery tank.
  • 27″ cleaning path using two 25″ counter-rotating cylindrical brushes.
  • 4x6V batteries – Up to 3.5 hours of run time
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